Chemical Surface Treatment Plant

Chemical Surface Treatment Plant


The common feature of chemical treatments is to clean the surface of the steel, remove surface contaminants and improve corrosion resistance.

RAK ENGINEERING’s chemical treatment line are typically in compact-sized for small to medium sized parts or components. All lines are pre-assembled and tested at out site before delivery to customer.

Typical type of Chemical process treatments:

  • Degreasing : Removing oily substances and any residual grease from metal surface
  • Acid Pickling : Removing any impurities and the layer of surface oxide from other manufacturing processes.
  • Passivation : To restore the corrosion protective oxide layer for metal surface
  • Electropolishing: A process after degreasing, pickling and passivation. Removing a thin surface layer from a material that gives the surface clean, shiny and smooth
  • Stripping and Etching : Removes particles which can flake a plate-layer and common for remove metals base layer
  • Phosphating : A chemical method of surface treatment for corrosion protection, reduction of wear and electrical insulation
  • chromate coating (Chromating) : A corrosion resistant process that preventing oxidation on metals or as a base for painting.
RAK Engineering plant is delivered with ventilation system, which makes the plant
environmental friendly and people safe.

RAK CAPABILITIES : Chemical process treatment plant

RAK Engineering supplies varies Chemical treatment process in both Manual and Automate line

  • Stripping and Etching process plant
  • Degreasing/Acid pickling process plant
  • Electropolishing process plant
  • Phosphating process plant
  • Chromating (Chromate coating) process plant
Some of RAK ENGINEERING Chemical process plant

Stripping/Etching process

Jinpao | Strip line | Samut prakan, Thailand

Siam Kakihara | Strip line | Chachoengsao, Thailand 

Pandora | Strip line | Bangkok, Thailand

Endo_Thai | Etching (Barrel) line | Bangkok, Thailand

Degreasing/Acid pickling process

Asahi Thai Alloy | Acid pickling line | Samut prakan, Thailand

Electropolishing process

ENC | Chemical polishing | Samut prakan, Thailand

Endo Metal Sleeve | Electro-polishing line | Bangkok, Thailand

Ham Let | Electro-polishing line | Samut prakan, Thailand

Thai Hoover | Chemical polishing | Samut prakan, Thailand

Phosphating process

Siam Riken | Phosphating line| Chon Buri, Thailand 

CACO | Phosphating line | TPR Japan

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RAK Engineering process automation system has been constantly developed and improved to meet ever-increasing demands in surface treatment plant control.


Customized in-line oven designs for Electroplating process, surface finishing process with automated cover for dying solution.


RAK Engineering ventilation systems are designed to maintain suitable working condition by extracting hazard vapour from chemical processes.