Surface Finishing Plants

RAK Engineering Surface finishing line is customized solution for each projects to meet customer's specific needs. We are taking care from in-house engineering and manufacturing to installation and commissioning. With more than 30 years of experience, RAK Engineering is one of the leading suppliers that deliver highly efficiently and reliably for decades of operations to the customers.

“RAK Engineering’s tailored designed equipments deliver the right solution not only adding a new line but also upgrading an existing system ”


  • Extensive experienced Engineering design in Fully automated, semi-automated and manual surface treatments process for each specific specification.
  • Layouts, process and equipment using 2D and 3D CAD modeling are outlined in the preliminary phase of design.


  • RAK Engineering utilizing advanced computer-controlled plastic butt welding and bending machines (German made that complied DVS standard) for all thermoplastic fabrication for the strongest and longest-lasting chemical process/storage tanks that come with lifetime operate up to 30 years references.
  • Experiences and certified technicians together with best selection of materials for the best quality of products fabrication that meet international standard.


  • Experienced the design and specification of control panels, automation and programming for choice of PLCs and enable complete tractability with SCADA system.
  • In-house programing : Fixed time load or Flexible time load scheduling.
  • User friendly touch screen interface for process monitor & process control in any preferred languages.

We delivery reliable & Durable Equipment to your factory!


RAK Engineering offering a full range of equipment capabilities for electroplating,
surface finishing process and chemical treatment process.

Electroplating Plants

Manufacture highly efficient Electroplating plant, which is available in all operating options from fully automate line, semi-automated line to manual line.

Aluminium Anodizing Plants

Customized solutions fully automate Anodizing plants for the Aluminium industry.

Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

The common feature of chemical treatments is to clean the surface of the steel, remove surface contaminants and improve corrosion resistance.

EDP Line

Customized solutions fully automate Electro Deposition Paint (EDP) line in Rack system for minimizing chemical cost and energy

Electroless Plating Lines

Electroless nickel plating (chemical nickel plating) is the process of adding an electroless nickel plating to a metal surface is an autocatalytic chemical reduction.

Precious Mental Plating Lines
& Gold/Silver Refinery Lines

Turn key total Surface treatment solution for manufacturing. Customized from fully automated to manual surface treatment lines