Maintenance & Spare parts

Special industry skills with experiences maintenance to provide preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance to ensure the correct operation, reduce system break down and keep the system works properly

Service maintenance


To ensure the system operation runs smoothly after the delivery and system warrantee, RAK Engineering always ready to help and support the customers in case of system emergency break down and preventive check up.


Our team’s special technical and maintenance checks and evaluates the system including visual inspections, functional tests, calibration and cleaning the equipments to keep the plant and equipment always in proper working conditions and to prevent unscheduled downtime.

  • Visual inspections, measurement and functional tests
  • Calibration and minor cleaning the equipments and transporters
  • Recommend corrective actions needs
  • Provide feedback and service reports


RAK Engineering team can support customers on both remote support and on-site support. We can also work to design and implement to improve, upgrade or any changes of process

  • Maintenance and repair all thermoplastic welding products : Process tanks, Hood and duct works, Wet scrubber, piping works
  • Modification or plant upgrade to latest technology to improve performance, safety ,capacity increase and/or change of processes.
  • Complete range of modification and repair service of the surface finishing plant, water recycle plant, wastewater treatment plant and air pollution control system including mechanical, electrical and automation programming

Service maintenance

RAK Engineering supplies spare parts and any auxiliary equipment in process plants. 


RAK supplies all the original design parts and any equipments from other manufacturing used in Surface finishing process plant.

  • Transpoter guide wheels
  • Lifting belts
  • Electric heat exchanger,
  • Process tank attachments


RAK supplies all the original design parts and any equipments from our partners and other manufacturing used in Surface finishing process plant.

  • Filtration system
  • Rectifiers
  • Pumps
  • Electric heaters