RAK Engineering is well recognised in Thailand for Plastic fabrication design and expertise with over 30 years experience. Utilising sophisticated design software, we are able to design a solution to suit most application requirements.

Our range of fabricated industrial products of best-in-class chemical storage that deliver efficiency a 25 year design life and cost-effective pricing.

Chemical Surface Treatment Plants

The common feature of chemical treatments is to clean the surface of the steel, remove surface contaminants and improve corrosion resistance

INTRIPLEX | Chemical Surface Treatment Plants | Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya , Thailand

Electroless Nickel Line

Electroless nickel plating (chemical nickel plating) is the process of adding an electroless nickel plating to a metal surface is an autocatalytic chemical reduction.

UNION SEIMITSU | Electroless Nickel Line | Nakhon Ratchasima , Thailand

MMI | Electroless Nickel Line | Ayutthaya , Thailand