Water solutions

In general, Surface Finishing processes consumes a lot of water usage and water quality used must be extremely high in order to maintain product high quality.
RAK Engineering provides the solutions from treating impurity water before supply into the production processes, recycling water back into the processes line to treating wastewater before discharging into natural environment. This is significantly reducing not only the need of water supply into the production but also the capacity for the wastewater treatment plant from the production. We are turnkey provider of integrated water solutions covering a variety of industrial manufacturing applications.

“RAK Engineering solutions for reuse water providing significantly cost savings for not only water usage but also wastewater treatment capacity! ”

Water system & Water Recycling

In order to preserve product high quality, the purity of water used in processes is very important and cascade water rinse baths usually require high water consumption.
RAK Engineering provides the solution to recovery water from processes and then effectively recycle the water used in the process back directly into the production processes.


RAK Engineering designs, engineers solutions and manufacturers high performance, cost effective water system to your factory.

Our expertise in Environmental engineering & Chemical solutions can help to provide the best solution that fit the customer needs.

  • Reverse Osmosis water system (RO)
  • Softener Plant
  • Ion Exchanger water system (DI)
  • Ultraviolet Disinfection system
  • Recirculation & Reuse water system


RAK ENGINEERING water solutions help maximizing water recovery, providing significant cost saving of water usage and giving manufacturers control of overall water quality and increasingly cost effective.

OUR Water and Effluent

  • Water and Effluent Water Saving: We delivers substantial saving water though RAK re-circulation system.
  • Water Quality: We maintain high quality water in the final water rinse bath, critical to the quality of the metal coating process.
  • Reduce Waste Water: Rinse waters are recycled back for reuse resulted in the low amount of wastewater discharge into Waste water Treatment system.
  • Cost saving: RAK Engineering water re-circulation system greatly reduces operation cost on both water consumption and Water treatment cost.

Mode of operation: Fully automated quality control systems

System: Upwards/Reverse current

Water quality: Less than 10uS/cm2

Capacity range: From 1 m3/h up to 20 m3/h

Ion Exchange water system

RAK ENGINEERING reuse water solution to Maximize Water Recovery Optimize Costs Water reuse systems give manufacturers control of overall water quality and allow more flexibility of usage.

Recirculation water system

RAK Engineering solution integrated with recirculation system offers Ion exchange water system to maintain high water quality to preserve product high quality.